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west dean
West Dean College
Fröling LM KOM-H 1000, Woodchip Heating System

A new type of district heating system for West Dean has been commissioned, using woodchip as its exclusive fuel source. The site’s old boiler was unreliable and inefficient, prompting West Dean to work with Dunster Biomass Heating on designing a new system.

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walhampton school
Walhampton School
200kW woodchip boiler with 5,000 litre accumulator tank

The company was originally contacted to study how biomass could improve efficiency and generate cost savings. They were an existing system that consisted of a 400kW oil boiler for heating and a 230kW mains gas boiler for hot water.

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St Paul’s Church, Weston-Super-Mare
Containerised 140kW Wood Pellet Heating System

A containerised 140KW Wood Pellet Heating System was installed in St Paul’s Church in 2018. It replaced the old gas-fired boiler and installed itself without any disruption to the church.

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saltram house
Saltram House
ETA Hack 220Kw & 93kW Wood Pellet Heating System

Saltram House in Plymouth is one of the most beautiful examples of Georgian architecture. It had a heating system which needed replacing. They replaced their old heating system with an ETA Hack 220KW & 93KW Wood Pellet Heating System.

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northamptonshire milton hall
Northamptonshire Milton Hall
ETA HACK 500kW Wood Pellet Heating System

This one of the top ten largest residential houses in the UK, boasting the 17th-century architecture and 35 acres of beautiful gardens. The estate was looking to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and opt for an affordable and reliable green heating system.

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1 X ETA Hack 199 Biomass Boiler and a 5000 Ltr Accumulator Tank

Loyton a world-renowned shooting venue that was heating its estate via an oil and woodchip boiler that needed to be replaced with an ETA HACK 199 Biomass Boiler and 5000 LTR Accumulator Tank.

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knowle manor
Knowle Manor
195Kw Woodchip District Heating System

The first thing to note about this installation is the scale of it; providing heat to not only the main house but 2 adjacent cottages. It has also been designed with future expansion in mind with retention of capacity for a barn conversion.

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Innes House
Innes House
195kW Woodchip District Heating System

The new heating system for Innes House, Scotland consists of a boiler plant and an extension to the stable block with a redundant storage room converted into a chip hopper. Dunster worked with the estate to design the system.

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Holyoaks Social Housing
130Kw Woodchip Heating System

We needed to build a biomass heating system in our development, but fuel storage and loading options were not considered prior. The current system works, but it is limited to those with the correct specialist equipment.

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Hindon farm
Hindon Organic Farm
60Kw Log Gasification Heating System

The business owners were looking for alternative ways of heating their buildings because of the rising energy costs. They installed a 60Kw log gasification boiler because it is more efficient than traditional fuel sources.

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hellinghayes poultry farm
Hellinghayes Poultry Farm
130kW and 200kW Woodchip Boilers

The company’s original brief was to reduce the LPG costs and improve bird welfare. Dunster analysed the heating profiles, ensuring reliability and control throughout the whole growing cycle.

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Chevening House
Chevening House, Kent
495kW Woodchip / Gas District Heating System

A biomass heating system was installed at Chevening House in order to reduce the rise in the cost of oil and replace inefficient and ageing boilers.

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Barrington Court
Two Froling P4 105kW, Wood Pellet Heating System

An important heritage house in England, Barrington Court replaced its oil heating system with a renewable biomass pellets system which efficiently lowers its carbon emissions.

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Blervie House
Blervie House, Moray
205kW Woodchip Boiler

Dunster Biomass Heating was approached to design an integrated heating system for Blervie House, which would allow the building to be heated in a more effective and affordable way.

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