Fröling biomass boilers are made in Austria, with over 50 years of experience in state-of-the-art technology. They are also incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly and supply the full range of wood chips, pellets and log boilers from 7kW to 1.5MW. Our team has been working with Fröling for more than 10 years and we have an extremely strong partnership with them.


  • Proven and tested boilers: up to 95% efficiency
  • Maintenance and servicing by Dunster’s factory trained engineers
  • Low life cycle cost and maintenance
  • Long warrantees
  • Large, simple control units with graphic display
  • Low emissions and electrical energy consumption

Froling have a very wide range of units, but the Turbomat and Lambdamat are some of the best commercial biomass units in the marketplace.  Dunster have many years experience of designing and commissioning systems around the TM and LM boilers, getting the best from the combustion to give fantastic efficiency and reliability.

Several types of fuel feeds are available, from simple direct pellet augers to full walking floor scraper systems for rough fuels, the right design and specification can be provided for the project.

Froling Commercial Biomass Boiler

Froling offer a wide range of boilers, covering all bases when it comes to the variety of projects in the UK.

  • S1, S3 and S4 – Log boilers, 20kW to 60kW, with Dual pellet burner add ons
  • PE1 – very compact pellet boilers, 7kW to 35kW
  • PECO – value for money versions of the PE1, 7kW to 35kW
  • PE1e – just released 45kW to 60kW Pellet boilers
  • P4 – vastly popular pellet boilers, 45kW to 105kW
  • T4e – Woodchip boilers, 20kW up to 350kW
  • PT4e – Pellet versions of the T4e with vacuum hopper system
  • TM – 150kW to 500kW wood chip boilers with moving grate
  • Lambdamat – 750kW to 1500kW heavyweight chip boilers