Your satisfaction is at the core of our values. Our highly professional engineers and technicians are dedicated to diagnosing and solving performance issues within biomass systems.


We believe in a proactive rather than a reactive approach to boiler maintenance.  By undertaking an initial survey to establish your systems performance level and to understand any potential issues or concerns, our technicians can then approach resolving the causes of un-reliability and breakdowns, maximising efficiency and giving you a system you can trust.


Servicing of biomass boilers is essential for reducing breakdowns, ensuring efficient running and keeping emissions levels low.  New legislation from April 2022 requires that evidence needs to be submitted to OFGEM each year, that your biomass system has been maintained by competent technicians.  Without this, RHI payments will stop. Dunster Energy have HETAS accreditation in place and all of our technicians are registered on the scheme.


Why is our service effective?

  • Repairs and maintenance performed by experienced specialist engineers
  • Knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Rapid response
  • Advice on maintaining your biomass boiler

Our biomass service packages include the following:

  • Full Boiler Clean and Component Inspection to manufacturers specification
  • Flue cleaning and condition checks
  • Heat meter inspection and sense check
  • System water test
  • Flue gas analysis and performance check
  • OFGEM compliant service report

We specialise in servicing the ETA and Froeling brands of biomass boilers, and have an unparalleled level of expertise with these systems.  However, we also support many other leading makes of boiler, get in touch with us to discuss your system and how Dunster Energy can help keep you warm.

It goes without saying that regular quality servicing will reduce breakdowns, but no system is 100% reliable, no matter the source of heat.  We have the staff and the knowledge to be able to react to unscheduled repairs and maintenance when they occur.  Furthermore, we cover all aspects of the heating system, not just the boiler, and always endeavour to get the heat back on in the quickest time possible.

Swindon Buffers

The water in your heating system is like the blood in an animal.  It is vital that the quality of the water is checked and kept in an inert state or else premature corrosion will occur – with disastrous boiler failure a distinct possibility.

We test the water on each service as part of our offering.  This includes:

pH test – aiming for between 8.2 and 10

Electrical conductivity – aiming for below 100 micro-seimens

Water Testing Kit

We strongly believe in the non-chemical treatment of system water and that it is a better solution than chemical inhibitors.

Our Ground Source heat pump servicing offer consists of:

  • Carrying out a full service to manufacturers specification
  • Checking all electronics within the system
  • Cleaning of all filters
  • Sampling antifreeze fluid
  • Checking system pressure
  • Visual inspection of all pipes and valves for any sign of leaks
  • RHI compliance checks
  • Issue service report
Clausius Strong

Many small factors can go un-noticed with Ground Source Heat Pumps. Therefore, we ensure our technicians know what to look for to ensure the highest efficiency from a system.