Installation is our bread and butter. Dunster have been installing wood heating boilers since 2008 and so we understand the specialisms required to get things right.

Dunster’s renewable heating solutions are a long-term, low-running-cost investment. Commercial spaces that are either off the gas grid or use oil as their primary source of heat, with a high demand for heat in particular will benefit from our heating systems.

Our commercial biomass systems go from small 20kW pellet systems up to multi-MW woodchip boilers.  We can cater for all sizes and always focus on quality and long-term efficiency and performance.

Froling Commercial Biomass Boiler

Dunster helps homeowners save on high fuel costs by providing renewable energy heating systems.

A biomass boiler offers the option to supply heat from a very low carbon resource that, in many cases, is significantly cheaper than the traditional alternatives. They are ideal for retrofitting to existing heating systems but also offer unparalleled efficiency in new-build situations.

We offer a wide range of products from well-known brands like Fröling and ETA, and cater for Wood pellet, Woodchip and Log systems.  We understand the benefits and downsides to each type of fuel and can provide a system and design which is best suited to your circumstances.

Domestic Biomass Boiler

In the correct environment, Ground Source heat pumps are an excellent way to heat buildings, in both the domestic and the commercial markets.  Utilising the latent solar energy stored in the ground, a well-designed GSHP will offer cheap running costs, no direct emissions, and long life.

Dunster fit systems up to several hundred kW in size, using ground arrays or bore holes, and design the whole system for low flow temperatures to ensure good efficiencies for years to come.

Clausius Strong

System water quality is an often overlooked aspect of any heating system.  In the UK heating engineers and installers have been guilty of dosing with inhibitor and forgetting about it, presuming that everything is protected.  Its not until pumps start to fail, pin holes appear in pipework, and most significantly, boiler failures that examining the quality is taken seriously.

We at Dunster much prefer ongoing protection, which is why we fit Elysator products.  These units constantly treat the fluid, keeping the pH right, electrical conductivity low and remove micro bubbles of air. Combined with initially filling the systems with de-mineralised water we achieve the best in water quality without nasty chemicals, which is good by us.

Please get in touch to discuss this for your system.

Elysator Installation

Unfortunately, the rush to install biomass at the height of RHI meant that many of the systems have not been designed correctly, have been installed badly, not been maintained well or poor fuels have been used, and the lifespan of the boiler has been significantly reduced.  Sometimes the wrong boiler was chosen for the job in hand, and proven to be not fit for purpose.

Changes in the RHI allow the boiler to be swapped out and the income from the incentive to stay in place.  We been been asked to replace several systems now, removing unreliable, inefficient boilers and system controls for new ETA or Froeling boiler and usually a re-design of the pipework and controls to improve the system considerably.

If you are experiencing major headaches with the biomass you have, it may be that re-investing into a new replacement makes a great deal of sense, get in touch.