UK wood fuel suppliers and wood chipping service

At Dunster we are happy to advice on the best wood fuel for your system. It is important to find a registered supplier of biomass wood fuel that meets the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) requirements.

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a fuel sustainability scheme, encouraging the use of high quality fuel. The BSL supports the use of fuel with quality assurance certification through Woodsure and ENplus.

Wood fuel suppliers: issues to consider

We know you want the best price for your fuel, but there are other crucial elements to consider as well, such as:

Is your wood fuel the right size for your boiler?

The majority of Dunster’s installations use wood chip, wood pellets, or logs. Biomass that comes from energy crops, and agricultural, industrial or food waste, is generally used only in large scale commercial or industrial installations.

Woodchips are usually used to heat large commercial spaces, larger buildings or groups of houses. Woodchip typically requires more space both for fuel storage ad delivery access.

Wood pellets are more suited for domestic systems or larger commercial heating systems of over 100kW when space is limited or where it is too expensive to build a store for woodchip.

Log systems have fewer wearing parts and are simpler and cheaper to install. It suited for smaller systems and owners with readily available fuel with large fuel storage areas.

Biomass engineers at Dunster can advise you about the best fuel choice.

Are the logs green or seasoned?

It is usually cheaper to buy green logs and dry them yourself, but you will then need to consider how much space they will take up. It is best to buy dry, seasoned wood.

Are you buying by weight or volume?

The lower the moisture content of a wood fuel, the less it weighs and the better it burns. So if you buy by weight, be sure to check that the wood is dry and seasoned.

Where are the logs coming from?

Find out whether the woodland is sustainably managed, and reasonably nearby.

How long can wood fuel last?

Wood fuel should last indefinitely in storage provided they are kept free from contamination and away from moisture.

How much space is needed to store pellets?

1 tonne of pellets = 1.5m³

All fuel stores must be kept dry.

Other questions to ask

How is the wood fuel delivered?

Is there a minimum order?

Locations they deliver to?

Wood fuel suppliers

Any suppliers of wood chip or wood chipping services wishing to be listed here under a reciprocal arrangement please email us

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