There is heat beneath our feet. Why not use it?

Our ground source heat pumps by Clausius can reduce your heating costs by a minimum of 40% in comparison to oil and LPG and offer heating, cooling and domestic hot water services. Planning permission is not required and our products have a 20 year ‘fit and forget’ lifespan.

Ground source heat pump benefits:

  • 20yrs commercial RHI payments: excellent return of between 10% and 25%, with a payback period of approx. 5 years commercially.
  • Higher control & efficiency: 100% individual zone control, heating and/or cooling, increasing occupant comfort and net system energy efficiency.
  • Significant savings: up to 50% savings compared to conventional heating system running costs.
  • Integral HVAC and DHW: production of heating, cooling, industrial hot water and even pool heating with a single installation.
  • User friendly: fully automated systems, which are controlled by simple thermostats.
  • Clean and safe: no fuel required and no flames or smoke generated – you can say goodbye to storage tanks and exhaust gas ducts.
  • Reliable: durable system lasts over 50+ years thanks to proven and well-known technology, with little to no maintenance.

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Renewable Heat Incentive

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a world first: a financial incentive scheme for renewable heat generation. This is a ground-breaking scheme that will help the UK reduce carbon emissions and hit its EU renewable energy targets.
  • Guaranteed payments for each kWh of heat generated by a ground source heat pump for a period of 20 years (non-domestic) or 7 years (domestic).
  • A renewable energy system means your home or business won’t be affected by rising fuel (oil/gas) prices.
  • Reduce the cost of your current energy bills as the RHI payments will pay for the heat generated.
  • You will be making a positive difference to the environment, as GSHP heating massively reduces CO2 emissions.

The RHI is beneficial for both domestic and non-domestic sectors. Find out how much you can save by talking to one of our experts: 01823 669 137.

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