Case study

Southern Wood Energy 

Froling woodchip CHP50 Plant

Key facts


March 2016


To provide heating to a woodchip drying floor.


The gasifier is designed to take G30 < W10 woodchip and is expected to use around 300 tonnes of wood chip per annum.

Chip storage

The fuel store for the plant is within the adjacent building, there is a 4m rotary agitator at the bottom of a partitioned fuel store. Fuel is then transferred through augers across to the gasifier.

Grant / Funding

The system was funded by Southern Wood Energy, and is eligible for accreditation under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme for biogas and also the RO scheme for electricity production.

Savings / Investments

The CHP will supply a large part of the site’s electrical requirements, providing savings on electricity along with a high return through the incentives.

CO2 saving

The system offers large CO₂ savings compared to grid or diesel generator electricity.

Southern Wood Energy (SWE) uses a large amount of electricity during the manufacture of wood heating products that are supplied to a number of markets. SWE wanted an energy efficient system which would lower their costs and improve their environmental credentials.

A Fröling CHP50, fixed bed woodchip gasifier was installed, generating 107kW thermal and 49kW electric energy. The CHP unit will look to provide around 300,000kWh of electrical energy and 600,000kWh of thermal energy over the year. 

Fuel supply and chip handling

The Fröling CHP50 is designed to burn woodchip with low moisture content, below W10. This site currently produces W10 G30, so this is transferred across the site for the CHP to use. The storage is inside a watertight barn to avoid moisture re-entering the woodchip.

System design and installation

The system was designed to supply a 50kW base load for the site permanently. The CHP will cover approximately 70% of the full load. The Fröling CHP unit comes supplied from the factory as a self-contained unit. Heat main and power cables are installed into a slab prior to the unit arriving, once the unit arrives the fuel and ash feeds are then installed.


The CHP will provide a much more efficient source of electricity for the site.

Download Southern Wood Energy CHP case study

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