Repair, service and maintenance

Your satisfaction is at the core of our values. Our highly professional staff, engineers and technicians are dedicated to diagnosing and solving performance issues within biomass systems.

Repair and Customer service

We believe in a proactive rather than a reactive approach, undertaking an initial survey to establish your systems performance level and to understand any potential issues or concerns.

Services we offer

Standard service and support Standard service and support
Flue cleaning and services Checking all electronics within the system
Specialist boiler replacement and commissioning services    Checking system pressure is in accordance with recommendations
Remote monitoring and support from our help desk Visual inspection of all pipes and valves for any sign of leaks                                                          
Heat meter installation, verification and management service and support Performance checks
RHI compliance and application support                                                  

Sampling antifreeze fluid to confirm all is ok and correct

Evaluating boiler function and creating system reports Increasing system efficiency
Maintaining all types of existing district heating systems using oil, gas, biomass and CHP. RHI compliance and application support
Increasing system efficiency  

Why is our service effective?

      • Repairs and maintenance performed by experienced expert engineers
      • Knowledgeable customer service staff
      • Rapid response
      • Effective handover to you and advice on maintaining your biomass boiler

If you would like to discuss any system issues with us, please contact us or complete our call back form and we will call, or email you back, at your convenience.

Dunster specialises in mechanical and electrical contracts. We would be delighted to hear from you!

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