Wood pellet: a sustainable biomass fuel

Wood pellets are produced from sawdust as a by-product of sawmills, as well as being processed from other sustainable sources. They are widely available throughout the UK.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are more suited for domestic systems or larger commercial heating systems of over 100kW when space is limited or where it is too expensive to build a store for woodchip. Pellet systems are a more expensive means of generating heat, 4–5p per kWh compared to 1.5–3.5p kWh for wood chip.

Benefits of wood pellets

  • Smaller stores because wood pellets are much denser: a cubic metre of wood pellets contains up to three times the energy of a cubic metre of wood chip.
  • Pellets flow freely and can be transferred to fuel stores easily, reducing the capital cost of the fuel store.
  • Fewer access requirements for delivery vehicles as deliveries are made in smaller vehicles similar size to those used for oil and LPG deliveries.
  • Allow for the automated handling and feeding of the fuel to the biomass boiler, minimising the need for manual intervention.

Types of fuel deliveries

Tip and blownTip and blown


Undergound bunker
Underground bunker



Vehicle dimensions

The following dimensions are typical of vehicles carrying wood pellets. Our site inspectors will be able to assess your property and ensure safe operation and delivery.

  4 wheeler 6 wheeler
Width 3m 3m
Height 4.2m 4.2m
Length 8.5m 9.5m
Track 2.5m 2.5m
Turning circle 9m 10m
Payload 9.25 tonnes 14.2 tonnes
Gross vehicle weight 18 tonnes 26 tonnes

Important considerations

Careful consideration of fuel suppliers and how to size the fuel store should be carried out at the design stage of a project. Specification and composition of wood pellets can vary, and our engineers will ensure that specifications are evaluated and catered to.

Fuel store design is critical to ensure that there is sufficient space for economical deliveries, and to ensure that dust is contained within the store during delivery.

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