Other biomass fuels: miscanthus and waste woods

Miscanthus (commonly known as Elephant Grass) and waste woods such as timber can be used as biomass fuels.

Miscanthus is a bamboo- like energy crop which grows over 3 metres tall. The use of miscanthus is growing in the biomass industry as it is widely available, affordable and fast growing, with a low mineral content. 

Waste woods arises from a wide variety of sources, in varying quantities and levels of purity. Burning such wood is particularly beneficial to those who want to make use of such woods on thier property. Waste wood can help to diversify fuel sources away from over reliance on clean wood.

Benefits of miscanthus and waste woods

  • High yielding
  • Large fuel cost savings – up to 60% compared to oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases wildlife biodiversity
  • Long lifespan

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