District heating: low-cost green scheme

District Heating is a distribution system of insulated pipes that takes heat from a central source and delivers it to a number of domestic or non-domestic buildings. Take a look at our biomass and ground source heating solutions.


District heat diagram

A centralised boiler is used to provide heat in the form of hot water or stream to a number of buildings, using a network of pre-insulated pipes. Wood chip or wood fuelled heating offers housing schemes the lowest cost form of heating in comparison to oil, LPG, electricity and, sometimes, mains gas. The non- domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) also makes biomass an attractive option

Benefits: biomass district heating

  • Increased savings: woodchip can deliver heat at between 1.5 - 3.5p kWh, versus oil or LPG at 5p kWh and electricity at 12p+ kWh.
  • Attractive payback: receive RHI payments for up to 20 yrs, with a good return on investment of between 5%- 25%.
  • Ability to integrate: biomass can integrate with your existing system (gas boiler or electric fire) fulfilling space, under floor and water heating requirements at higher temperatures.
  • Reduced environmental footprint: great for your corporate social responsibility and reputation.
  • Green credentials: helps differentiate from competitors and makes it easier to gain planning permissions.

Installations of district heating schemes cover a wide range of properties, including social and low cost housing, new housing developments, and existing groups of closely located properties.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs)

Ground loops

Social landlords and developers around the UK have realised the full potential of ground source heat pumps, and their ability to provide reliable, long-standing heat and hot water to their commercial properties. By using a system of heat pumps, water pumps, controls and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping, a building can turn heat from the ground into a natural energy source.

Benefits: GSHP district heating

  • 20yrs commercial RHI payments: excellent return of between 10% and 25%, with a payback period of approx. 5 years commercially.
  • Higher control & efficiency: 100% individual zone control, heating and/or cooling, increasing occupant comfort and net system energy efficiency.
  • Significant savings: Up to 50% savings compared to conventional heating system running costs.
  • Integral HVAC and DHW: production of heating, cooling, industrial hot water and even pool heating with a single installation.
  • User friendly: fully automated systems, which are controlled by simple thermostats.
  • Clean and safe: no fuel required and no flames or smoke generated – you can say goodbye to storage tanks and exhaust gas ducts.
  • Reliable: durable system lasts over 50+ years thanks to proven and well-known technology, with little to no maintenance.

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Dunster district heating case studies

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