Energy saving heat pumps

Dunster offers premium, high quality and affordable air source and ground source heat pump solutions, partnering with Austrian manufacturer IDM. IDM has 37 years of experience in manufacturing heat pumps and fresh hot water system. Find out more about IDM here.

Reliable and certified IDM heat pumps are designed for domestic and commercial spaces, ranging from 5 up to 500 kW. Heat pumps work by absorbing temperatures provided by the environment such as air, water and heat from the ground. Heat pumps have no emissions and the equipment is relatively small, in most cases not requiring a dedicated plant room.

Advantages with IDM heat pumps

    • Complete heating system for your property and hot water
    • Improved heating comfort levels
    • Clean sustainable energy
    • Low running costs
    • Minimal maintenance requirement
    • No dependency on fuel suppliers
    • Reduced CO2 levels

Brochure and data sheet downloads
Air and Heat Source Pumps Brochure  
Air and Heat Source Pumps Manual
MCS Certificate

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