ETA is a leading Austrian manufacturer which makes over 10,000 wood fuelled boilers each year. Dunster has had a long-standing partnership with ETA due to their great workmanship and proven reliability of their products.

Logo: ETA

We supply ETA’s full range of wood chip, pellet and log boilers from 7kW to 500kW.

ETA_HACKAdvantages with ETA

  • High efficiency
  • Automatic fuel recognition using lambda sensors
  • Low emissions, ease of use and low operating costs
  • Long Guarantees
  • Maintenance and servicing by engineers
  • Minimal risk of blockages

ETA boilers

  product name output options kW chip pellet log
ETA_HACK_VR ETA Hack VR 330-350 Woodchip Pellet Log
20, 25, 35, 50
70, 90, 130, 200
Woodchip Pellet
ETA SH-P Twin Boiler ETA SH-P Twin Boiler 15-25 Pellet Log
ETA SH ETA SH 20-60 Log
ETA PE-K Pellet ETA PE-K Pellet 35, 50, 70, 90 Pellet
ETA PC Pellet ETA PC Pellet 20, 25, 32 Pellet
ETA PU Pellet ETA PU Pellet 7-15 Pellet

Recent installations using ETA boilers

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