Case study

Lincolnshire Manor House

ETA 95kW wood pellet boiler

Key facts


November 2012


Supply of heating and hot water to a Manor House and adjacent cottage

Boiler and plant

95kW ETA PEK wood pellet boiler with a 2,000 litre accumulator tank
and purpose built pellet store.


The boiler is expected to use 31 tonnes of wood pellets annually to
produce around 125,000kWh of heat.

Pellet storage

Pellets are stored in a purpose built, V shaped store. An auger transfers them to a vacuum point from where they are transferred to the boiler’s ready use hopper by vacuum hose.

Grant / Funding

The project was self-funded and is accredited on the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Savings / Investments

The biomass boiler replaces a range of oil and electric heating systems. With the anticipated RHI income, it is expected to pay off the investment in about 5 years.

CO2 saving

Savings  in excess of 20 tonnes per year are expected

As part of a refurbishment of the main house, Dunster were asked to specify a suitable biomass heating system for the house and an outdoor swimming pool. Dunster suggested including an adjacent cottage in the scheme in order to qualify for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Dunster worked with the client to ensure that the plant room and pellet store were designed and installed in such a way as to minimise the impact on the historic fabric of the Grade II* listed property.

Fuel supply

Fuel is delivered periodically by tanker and pumped through flexible hoses into the pellet store which is sufficiently large to require re-filling only three times a year.

System design and installation

The system provides all of the heating and hot water requirements for the Manor House and adjacent cottage. As the outdoor swimming pool is only heated in summer when heat demand from the houses is low, it utilises spare boiler capacity. The heating system for the Manor is networked to the boiler in order to run weather compensated heating whilst the cottage uses a standard thermostat and time clock system linked to the boiler through an interface system designed to maximise transfer efficiency. The back-up oil boiler is controlled by the biomass boiler to provide a seamless delivery of heat should there be a boiler fault although it has not yet been required.

Lincolnshire Manor House


In addition to the environmental benefits, heating for all areas has been substantially upgraded and the system is expected to pay for itself in around five years through a combination of fuel cost savings and RHI income.

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