Biomass fuels
Enjoy consistent warmth

Biomass fuel is renewable, affordable and most importantly efficient.

Wood chip or wood pellet systems are fully automated and require minimal maintenance, other than annual servicing and periodic de-ashing, similar to oil or gas boilers in practice.

The benefit is that log boilers can provide a high proportion of a property’s heat usage at a low cost, and from a readily available fuel source. Typically, log boilers will be used to augment existing heating systems (using fossil fuels or other types of energy). Log boiler systems are not fully automated, so manual handling is required once or twice per day.

ETA_HACKGet the right fuel for you

When choosing wood for burning there are two significant factors which have an effect on the calorific value (CV) or the amount of available heat per unit (volume) of fuel:

Moisture content – always use dry, seasoned wood with minimal moisture content

Wood density – choose denser, hard wood.

The majority of Dunster’s installations use wood chipwood pellets, or logs. Biomass that comes from energy crops, and agricultural, industrial or food waste, is generally used only in large scale commercial or industrial installations.

Where to source the fuel?

Installing a biomass boiler does not require one to have one’s own supply of wood – the UK supply chain is fast developing, and as a result, reliable, regular supplies of wood chip, wood pellets or logs can be secured from retailers around the country.

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