Sustainable biomass heating for public sector & not-for-profit

Wood chip or wood-fuelled heating offers those in the public sector or not-for-profit organizations the best value form of heating compared to oil, LPG or electricity. Whether it is for offices, social housing, leisure centres, or building complexes, biomass heating has long-lasting social and environmental benefits for the local community.

St Paul's Church

Dunster has long standing relationships with proprietors in the public and not-for-profit sectors, designing, delivering and maintaining biomass heating systems. Using proven products and technology, we work with customers to develop workable and long-lasting solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Advantages for public sector/ not for profit organisations

  • Increased savings: Wood chip can deliver heat at around 1.5p - 3.5p kWh, versus oil or LPG at 3.5p kWh and electricity at 11p+ kWh.
  • Most cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and meet carbon reduction targets.
  • 20 years of RHI Repayments guaranteed.
  • Easy and affordable way to meet regulations codes during building or refurbishment projects.
  • Attractive payback and return on investment, offering a return on capital of 5%- 25%.
  • Lower cost of maintenance and servicing.
  • Good PR: Going green delivers a positive message to all stakeholders, and supports local employment in the wood-fuel supply chain.

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