Durable biomass boilers for country houses

Country houses typically have high and continuous heat demands. Dunster’s wood chip or wood fuelled heating systems offer country house owners the opportunity to save on fuel by as much as 70%; savings are highest where the installation displaces LPG or oil.

Dunster has extensive experience designing, delivering and maintaining biomass heating systems in homes/ businesses in rural areas. Using proven products and technology, we work with clients to develop workable and long lasting solutions that are tailored to individual needs.

At Dunster, one of our strengths is the capacity to integrate biomass solutions with existing heating and building management systems, or, where feasible, to retain former heating systems as back-up facilities.

Advantages for country houses

  • Increased savings: Wood chip can deliver heat at between 1.5p - 3.5p kWh, versus oil or LPG at 3.5p kWh and electricity at 11p+ kWh.

  • Biomass reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared with an oil-fired boiler.
  • The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive was made available to owners of domestic biomass systems in April 2014.
  • Increased control over costs and reduced risks associated with fluctuating energy prices.
  • Reduced maintenance and servicing: biomass heat is generated in a single plant and then distributed to buildings.
  • For owners of woodland, or those with access to wood fuel, savings can be immense.
  • Easy and affordable way to meet regulations codes during building or refurbishment projects.

Need help funding your biomass boiler?

Dunster has teamed up with an investment partner to offer a unique funding facility for biomass installations qualifying for the non-domestic RHI.

Dunster Country House Case Studies

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