Why you should choose biomass?

High savings for you

Heating with biomass can lead to significant annual cost savings, particularly for users that have high heat usage requirements. The cost of heat generated by logs, wood chips, or wood pellets is significantly lower than the cost of heat generated by oil, gas, or electricity.

The following chart details the costs of generating a kWh of heat for a typical small-to-medium scale heat user.

Heating Costs March 2016

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

This is a great incentive by the UK Government rewarding those who switch to renewable, biomass energy. There are Domestic and Non-Domestic RHI financial rewards. Find out if you are eligible and save.

Increased control over energy usage

The market price for traditional fuels (heating oil and gas) fluctuates, and trends indicate that there is an overall price increase. Comparatively, biomass fuel prices are stable, ensuring that you have increased control over your energy costs.

Environmental benefits

Wood fuel is a sustainable fuel that creates significant social and environmental benefits.

Reduced carbon footprint
Low carbon

Wood fuel is a ‘low carbon’ fuel that produces a fraction of the emissions of fossil fuels. The critical difference between biomass fuels and fossil fuels is the type of carbon emitted: biomass fuel releases contemporary carbon, whereas fossil fuel releases fossilized carbon.

Sustainable woodlands
Sustainable woodlands

The increasing demand for wood fuel is expected to lead to better woodland management, with associated benefits for wildlife and biodiversity. Indeed, in the past a great deal of wood fuel would have simply rotted, which in turn would have generated, not only carbon dioxide, but also methane: a harmful greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than CO2.

Locally sourced
Locally sourced

Our locally sourced wood fuel enhances the security of the supply in terms of both its availability and its cost. Local sourcing secures clients against ‘fuel shocks’ caused by increasing global demand for fuel and political instability overseas. A localised nature of the supply chain minimises the financial and environmental costs of transporting fuel.

Minimal pollutants
Minimal pollutants

Modern biomass boilers are extremely efficient and sophisticated. They offer levels of efficiency and emission levels comparable to the best fossil fuel boilers. They minimise levels of atmospheric pollutants. Indeed, with good quality dry fuel, they verge on being ‘smokeless’.

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