Case study

Barrington Court

Two Froling P4 105 kW, Wood pellet Heating System

Key facts


March 2016


Supply of heating and hot water to Barrington Court and surrounding buildings.


150 tonnes of wood pellet per annum producing over 525Mwh of heat.

Pellet storage

Dunster designed and constructed a tailored pellet fuel store.  The fuel store has a total volume 29.3 m3 and holds up to 19 tonnes of pellet, which optimises fuel delivery.

Grant / Funding

The system was funded by the National Trust as part of their Renewable Program and is accredited under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. 

Savings / Investments

Switching from oil, the property is saving £10,000 per year on energy bills. Additionally, the income from RHI payments will pay off the capital expenditure of the system.

CO2 saving

94 tonnes - the equivalent to filling 94 hot air balloons.of CO2 emissions.

Barrington Court is a Grade II listed heritage house from the 16th century, once owned by the Lyle Family (Tate & Lyle sugar) but now owned by the National Trust.

This picturesque estate sought to significantly reduce its environmental impact through lowering its carbon emissions, and decreasing risks associated with potential oil spills. In order to achieve this, Dunster replaced their existing oil system with an eco-friendly, energy efficient Fröling biomass system.

Fuel supply and pellet handling

Wood pellets are supplied through the National Trust's fuel supplier, delivering through a bulk blown delivery tank directly in to the fuel store. The bespoke pellet store is moisture protected and designed to be durable, constructed with structural timber and then internally clad with phenolic ply to assist with pellet movement. To ensure utmost safety, store walls have also been constructed with a material which provides a one-hour fire barrier. Additionally, pellet handling is made easy by the access door, slated entry system and two viewing panels on the store.

System design and installation

The system was designed, using our in-house CAD team, to supply 100% of the estates heating and hot water needs. Each stage of the installation was carefully planned, from the construction and groundworks to customer training, ensuring reliability, longevity and fault-free operation. Dunster undertook all the pipe work, with the entire site being fully networked, ensuring that all boilers and controls can be managed remotely. All pumps and controls were upgraded to modernise the heating system and increase efficiency across the heat network.


Compared to the previous oil heating system, the biomass scheme is much more energy efficient and cost effective, providing a cleaner, greener source of heating.

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