Dunster Apprentice Wins Prestigious Award

BIG congratulations to Sophie Jenkins who was awarded the Young Apprentice of the Year Award at the Geberit Awards 2015. Passionate about sustainable energy, Sophie was awarded £1000 pounds for her hard work as an apprentice Heat Engineer with us at Dunster.

Victoria Willis, Head of Piping for Geberit hands cheque to Sophie

 “We were really impressed by Sophie’s hard work, determination and eagerness to learn new things,” said Victoria Willis, Head of Piping for Geberit.

Winning the award was a moment of great pride for Sophie.

“It felt amazing to receive such a prestigious award! I have always been passionate about the environment and the fact that I was recognised for it is the icing on the cake,” said Sophie.

Sophie is an exceptional engineer and her role involves installing and servicing biomass boilers.

“My job is very technical and hands on. Whether it is observing a central heating system, connecting boilers or turning a space into a plant room … I’m involved with everything.”

“I always have to think outside the box, the job is challenging mentally and physically. I love it!”

Her interest in eco-friendly energy started in school when she was selected to go to Africa for a project which raised awareness about renewable and sustainable energy.

“I remember when I created my first solar panel oven there, it was an incredible feeling. Since then I have supported clean energy use,” said Sophie.

Sophie has been involved in 15 projects including installing biomass boilers for the National Trust as well as the Beaulieu Motor Museum. She attributes her success to thorough training by seniors here at Dunster.

“I am always closely monitored by the lead engineers, who give me the time of day. They give me constant support, but at the same time, they don’t wrap me in cotton wool,” said Sophie.

She hopes to raise further awareness about renewable energy through her work and is excited about her prospects with Dunster!

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