Wood chip boiler by ETA

All our wood chip boilers are manufactured by ETA, a leading Austrian manufacturer which makes over 10,000 wood fuelled boilers each year. The fuel feed to the boiler is fully automated, using an agitator with sprung arms and a fuel transfer auger to the boiler.

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The current ETA wood chip boiler range  (known as the ETA HACK range) comprises boilers between 20 and 499 kW. This allows for installations of up to 1 mW using a cascade configuration. In December 2014 the long awaited Hack 500 was launched offering class leading performance in efficiency and low emmission levels.

These proven and tested boilers offer very high levels of efficiency (up to 95%), low emissions, ease of use and low operating costs. Automatic fuel recognition using lambda sensors allows for maximum efficiency to be obtained, regardless of the fuel type or mositure.

With automatic ignition, automatic cleaning and automatic de-ashing, operating these wood chip boilers is simple and user friendly.

The ETA woodchip boiler has a particularly tolerant fuel feed mechanism, owing to the patented single chamber rotary valve with knife and anvil, which minimises the risk of blockages in the event of out of specification fuel or contaminants entering the fuel feed mechanism.

All ETA wood chip boilers are designed to burn G30 or G50 industrial woodchip up to 35% moisture content. They can also be converted to burn miscanthus or wood pellet, if fitted with flue recirculation.

Please download the ETA HACK 20 - 200 kW wood chip product brochure for more information

Please download the ETA HACK 350 information sheet for more information


Cross section of ETA 130Kw wood chip boiler

  1. Fuel conveyor screw with removable revision head
  2. Ball-and-socket joint
  3. One-chamber rotary valve
  4. Stoker screw
  5. Helical gear motor
  6. Hot, ceramic lined combustion chamber with tilting grate
  7. Primary air actuator
  8. Secondary air actuator
  9. Ash screw for ashes from the grate
  10. Ash screw for ashes from the heat exchanger cleaning
  11. Removable bin for ashes
  12. Heat exchanger with cleaning turbulators
  13. Draught ventilator
  14. Control board
  15. Control panel



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